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Zhaojing Limited Company is located in advanced private economy littoral of the East Zhejiang Province , Cixi New Industry Clusters, Ningbo City. It covers an area of 73333 square meters with a floor space 66,466 square meters. The registered capital is 100 million RMB and the total investment amount is nearly 400,000,000 RMB. The company is dedicated to new high-tech material----research and development, produce, sale of the Fe-based amorphous ribbon, amorphous transformer iron core and amorphous motor core. These kinds of products are applying comprehensively which are mainly used in electricity, electron, communication, energy, transportation, environmental protection and other fields. And it has the advantages of energy-saving and cost-reducing, efficiency-improving. Especially for the transformer, motor upgrading, amorphous will give play to a revolutionary promoter action.
  The company has established relationship with noted universities and colleges. And successively set up ¡°Amorphous Nanocrystalline Material Engineer Technology Center¡± with ¡°Ningbo Institute of Materials Technology &Engineering ,Chinese Academy of Science¡±and ¡°Amorphous Materials and Technology R&D Center¡± with ¡°Zhejiang University¡±. Replying on the various advantages of noted universities and scientific research institutions, accelerating high-tech new materials industrialization process, intending to build up 5 product lines of ten-thousand-ton class. And yearly producing amorphous alloy ribbon 50,000 tons.The amorphous ribbon had passed by Chinese Academy of Science, Ningbo Institute of Materials detecting and tryout by Shanghai Zhixin Elect Co., Ltd, Quzhou Hangyong Co., Ltd, Foshan Catech Co., Ltd and other famous insider companies.All turns out that our products are high performance which can be comparable with import amorphous ribbons. Company objective : to build Zhaojin Incorporated Company up to the top-class in domestic of Fe-based amorphous ribbon research and development products base station.
R26;  Company concept: people first,depend on science and technology£» perfect ourselves and serve customers; reciprocity and mutual benefit to coorperate for  the development.
  The  chairman Fangbaijun with all staffs warmly welcome for your arrival.